Welcome Doug & Susan McBride

We’re thrilled to welcome Doug and Susan McBride to our staff here at Camp Pearl. Most of you already know them, as they’ve been serving in this ministry for years, but here’s a short introduction from Doug and Susan:

Hi! We’re Doug and Susan McBride, and we’re excited to continue serving with Camp Pearl as we come on staff with Doug as Camp Director. Our ministry with Camp Pearl began over 20 years ago as we volunteered in various positions, our sons alongside us. Eventually, our three older sons became campers, then SWAT, then servers—each step of the journey helping to equip them for their life’s work. Our youngest two are just beginning that journey with great expectations!

Doug graduated from Calvary University and Susan from Dallas Bible College. Of our 30 married years, we’ve spent the last 25 years in Jasper, TX, serving as pastor with our church family–Faith Bible Church. Looking back, we see how God has prepared our family to continue our serving journey at Camp Pearl. We look forward to meeting and serving the Camp Pearl Ministry members!

Doug and Susan McBride

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