Are you interested in having a retreat at Camp Pearl? We would love to host you. Facility tours are available to see if Camp Pearl would be a fit for your group.

Please fill out the rental application below. We will review your request and, if approved, will contact you with a custom rental quote. Got questions? Call 337-666-2443.

Our facilities/amenities

Our gymnasium has a full sized basketball court, stage and PA system, and two enclosed game rooms with ping pong, foosball, pool, and air hockey.

Kristina's Korner
Kristina's Korner, named after Kristina Barrett, is a diner style room attached to our gym with 7 tables, each fitting 4-6 people. During summer camp, we utilize it as a place for students to get snacks and hang out during their down time.

Our chapel seats up to 249 people and is able to be set up with padded chairs to fit your groups needs. The stage includes in stage XLR plugs, 4 stage monitors, and a powerful PA system. We also have light bars that can be programmed by someone experienced, or utilized with preset programs at the touch of a button. Our computer is connected to front and back projectors to display any PowerPoints or slides for worship. On the side of our chapel are 4 classrooms, two of which have TV's and PA systems.

Our cafeteria seats 249, with moveable round tables that seat ~8. We have two people on staff who are licensed through the state to manage the kitchen and prepare meals for your group according to local health codes.

Outdoor Recreation
Outside our gymnasium, our central activity area consists of a volley ball court and a large field where we play football, softball, tiger ball and ultimate frisbee among other games. We also have a ropes course, which you can learn more about here. Spread throughout the campus are picnic tables.

Our swimming pool is 8 feet at its deepest point and has an elevated lifeguard station looking over the pool, a bath house and a covered awning with picnic tables. It's available during the warmer months of the year.

We have 12 cabins on campus, six on either side of the campus. Each cabin has one room with bunk beds and an attached bathroom with 2-3 showers and toilets a piece. If all bunks are filled, our cabins can house 212 people.

Our motel unit is a two story building with eight total rooms. Each room has its own bathroom, two queen beds, a fridge and a microwave.

Our two cottages are perfect for single family use. Each has a queen-sized bed, full kitchen or kitchenette, bathroom and living area.

Want to see more photos? Visit our Facilities page.


In order to use the facilities at Camp Pearl for any event, you must agree to submit to the following policies.

Doctrinal Statement
As a Christian camp, we expect all who use our facilities to submit to Christian conduct and character while on campus. An example of such character can be found in Ephesians 4:25-5:21. In order to hold a religious service of any kind on campus, you must agree to submit to our doctrinal statement which can be found here.

Camp Safety and Usage Policy
We ask all rentals to read and agree to our safety and usage policy.