Thanks to everyone for a GREAT Summer Camp 2019!

Now Accepting SWAT Applications

This past year, God provided us with nearly 50 high school students who desire to be known as Servants who are Worthy and True who Serve Without Being Asked and Give Without Expectations.  This is something they view as a goal, not a title.  While it’s a tremendous ministry, SWAT is not a ministry for everyone.  It’s for students who have already dedicated their lives to serving the Lord, and who are already displaying godly character at their homes, churches, and schools.  For those who fit those qualities and for those who, together with their parents, have prayed about joining our SWAT Team in 2020; you can apply by emailing to request an application.  Once you receive your application, you will have until Thanksgiving Day to turn it in.  We will only be accepting a limited number of SWAT Members this year, so apply quickly.

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