Annual Pastors’ Conference: Oct. 22-24 | Praise Banquet: Oct. 28

2018 Camp Theme

Work In Progress: Ephesians 2:10, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”  Praise God that you and I don’t have to work to get into Heaven, because if our salvation was dependent upon our own goodness; we would all certainly fall short.  God’s Word tells us that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus, the Son of God who died in our place, taking the penalty of our sins only to rise again miraculously three days later (Eph. 2:8-9)!

At the moment we are saved, we become forever members of His church.  And He is working in the church.  He’s also working through the church.  And while He is using the collective church to accomplish His flawless plan for the world, that means that each individual in it has a responsibility to get to work.  See, none of us will reach a point where we will have “arrived” this side of Heaven, so He’s working to mold us into His image.  And there is a lost world that is thirsty for the Good News of Jesus.  He wants to work through us with the gifts He has given each of us to reach them and strengthen His church.  So we don’t work, as Christians, to earn the approval of God; we received it by faith.  We work as thankful stewards of God’s grace, because we have been approved by God.

Please Pray For Us This Year

  • That each camper will come to an understanding that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and that those who have not trusted Him exclusively for eternal life will do so.
  • That every camper, as a member of His church, will get to work as God works in them.
  • For Our Summer Servers, SWAT Team Members, Speakers, Worship Leaders, Missionaries, and other workers that they would have hearts and minds for serving as a result of a close walk with Jesus.
  • For provision: financially, with safety, with buildings and grounds, etc.
  • For God to stir hearts even now for what He wants them to hear this year.
  • For a great group to come this summer, and be forever changed by our wonderful Savior!


2018 Summer Camp Calendar


29-31 – Boys’ Adventure Camp (6-8th Grades)


18-22 – Sr. High Camp (9-12th Grades)

25-29 – Jr. High Camp (7-8th Grades)


2-6 – Trailblazers Camp (6-7th Grades)

9-13 – Pathfinders Camp (5-6th Grades)

16-19 – Deeper Impact (9-12th Grades)

23-27 – Kidz Camp (3-4th Grades)

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Mail in Registration:
Print these two documents (Registration Form 2018 and 2018 Summer Camp Brochure) and mail them to 1132 Camp Pearl Road Reeves, La. 70658.


Have Questions or Need Help: Call us at (337) 666-2443.  If we’re not available, leave us a message, and we’ll return your call ASAP.

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