Fellowship/Family Sunday on May 26, 2:00 - 7:00 pm. Softball, Volleyball, Swimming & more!

2019 Summer Camp


To Sign Up For A Week Of Camp, Here Are 2 Options

Friends at Camp PearlOnline Registration:
Click to Register Online and follow the instructions on that page.

Mail in Registration:
1) Print Registration Form 2019 and mail to 1132 Camp Pearl Road Reeves, La. 70658.

2) Print Camp brochure for important camper information.

2019 Summer Camp Brochure

Boys Adventure Camp Flyer



Camp Fees

  • $175.00 per camper for Summer Camp
    ($30 Registration Fee is a non-refundable fee for all camps and will be applied toward the $175 total)
  • $90.00 for Boys Adventure Camp
  • $100.00 for Deeper Impact
  • $30.00 Canoe Trip Fee

Check In & Check Out Times...


  • Pre-registered campers check in at 5pm
  • Late registrations will begin check in at 5:30pm
  • CHECK OUT time is Friday evening at 7:30pm following chapel
  • Check in for Deeper Impact is Monday 10am (in the office building)

Special Note:

PARENTS: To avoid homesickness we do not encourage phone calls unless it’s an emergency. Special visitation night is Friday Family Night!

Appearance: It is our desire to honor God in all we do at Camp Pearl. We believe personal appearance reflects that desire. Modesty is our motto! Signatures of campers & parents on the registration form indicates your agreement with our motto of modesty in your appearance during your week of camp.

2019 Summer Camp Calendar


28-30 – Boys’ Adventure Camp (6-8th Grades)


12-14 - Summer Server Training

17-21 – Sr. High Camp (9-12th Grades)

24-28 – Jr. High 1 Camp (New This Year!) (8-9th Grades)


1-5 – Jr. High 2 Camp (7-8th Grades)

8-12 - Trailblazers Camp (6-7th Grades)

15-19 – Pathfinders Camp (5-6th Grades)

22-25 – Deeper Impact (9-12th Grades)

29-August 2 – Kidz Camp (3-4th Grades)

"beach volleyball" at Camp Pearl

Here's What You'll Need...

Bible & Pen
Sleeping bag & pillow
Towels & soap & shampoo
Tooth brush & toothpaste
Jeans, shorts, T-shirts
Modest swimsuit & shorts
Clothes to get dirty in
OTC meds: headache, allergy
Prescription meds are distributed by camp nurse/medical attendant
Ear plugs, sunscreen, repellent
Spending money ☺

While on the Camp Pearl Adventure...we ask that you do not bring CELL PHONES, ipods, head- phones, video games or any other electronics. Campers have access to the office phone at any time.

Kristina’s Korner offers a variety of snacks and soft drinks. We also have a gift shop.

Camp Pearl

Have Questions or Need Help: Call us at (337) 666-2443.  If we’re not available, leave us a message, and we’ll return your call ASAP.


Follow Us

To follow what God is doing at Camp Pearl, check out our Facebook Page, continue to check the Website, or call us at (337) 666-2443.  We are located at 1132 Camp Pearl Road Reeves, La. 70658.  For further questions, you can email Don- don@camppearl.com, Sam- sam@camppearl.com,  Angie- angie@camppearl.com, or Robin- robin@camppearl.com.  We’ll see you soon, Lord willing!


To Plan Your Own Trip To Camp Pearl

Contact Don, and he would love to give you more information on rates and availability!  Email – don@camppearl.com Phone – (337) 666-2443