Thanks to everyone for a GREAT Summer Camp 2019!

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Christmas at The Pearl

Don’t you love the Christmas season?  The memories that are made, the time with loved ones, the possibility of snow (yes, even in Louisiana), and the reminder of our Savior’s birth many years ago can make for a joyous time for many of us.  And as you get together with people you love, the Camp…

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Now Accepting SWAT Applications

This past year, God provided us with nearly 50 high school students who desire to be known as Servants who are Worthy and True who Serve Without Being Asked and Give Without Expectations.  This is something they view as a goal, not a title.  While it’s a tremendous ministry, SWAT is not a ministry for…

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Fall Piedmont Classes

Piedmont International University has partnered with Camp Pearl to offer something special to those of you who have been praying and thinking about getting a Masters Degree!  This 30 credit hour program will provide you a Masters of Arts in Christian Ministry, but if you’re not ready to take the leap; you’re still welcome to just audit…

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Please Pray For Us This Year

We sure do appreciate your prayers as we begin this season of camp. Here’s how you can help us pray: That each camper will come to an understanding that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and that those who have not trusted Him exclusively for eternal life will do so. That every…

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