Volunteer Requirements

Thanks for your willingness to volunteer some time during summer camp. While we need help each summer, we also have a limited number of volunteer housing, so we cannot take everyone. In order to spend a week at Camp Pearl during summer camp in a volunteer capacity, we have a few requirements to ensure the safety of our campers and efficiency for our staff:

  • Must be Christian
  • Must be able to work with 3rd-12th students
  • Must submit and pass a background check at least one week before the first day you are volunteering (found here)
  • Must be willing to work during camp hours as we request
  • Must follow camp rules as an example to campers
  • Must have read and agree to submit to our doctrinal statement found here
  • Must be willing to submit to camp leadership
  • Must attend our staff meeting at 4:00 pm on the Monday of the weeks you are volunteering

Additionally, those who are directly involved with students by staying in cabins or teaching in classes:

  • Must be actively involved in a local church
  • Must have a pastoral reference
  • Must agree to only teach in a way that lines up with our doctrinal statement