We thank the Lord for this great addition to our facilities at Camp Pearl!  If you have been a part of  one of our summer camps, retreat weekends, or used one of our class rooms, then you know what a difference it makes.

To all of you who have donated toward our goal of paying off the chapel note:

Please stop giving!

Can you believe a preacher or other Christian worker in ministry that depends upon people’s support would ever say that? Actually, I have always wanted to be able to say that and mean it! Now don’t misunderstand me, we need to remember to look at things in their context ~ so allow me to finish my sentence. Please stop giving…to our Ethel Green Chapel Fund. The reason? It is now paid off!!!

I love the passage of Scripture detailing the giving of the people of Israel for the construction of the tabernacle. Notice as you read these words slowly: “the people bring much more than enough for the service of the work which the LORD commanded us to do”. So Moses gave a commandment and it was proclaimed throughout the camp, saying, “Let neither man nor woman do any more work for the offering of the sanctuary”. And the people were restrained from bringing, for the material they had was sufficient for all the work to be done ~ indeed too much.” (Exodus 36:5-­‐7)

Isn’t that great? God has bountifully blessed us through many folks just like you who are reading this right now and with the gift of the Westwood Bible Church property in Beaumont, Texas (given to Camp Pearl Ministries after their closure) the note is no more! Yet people still want to give! We believe good things are in store for Camp Pearl Ministries in the days ahead.

Two years ago, I introduced our Board of Directors to the possibility of bringing on an Assistant Camp Director to serve in our expanding ministry. With the completion of the chapel note and the continued contribution of those of us giving to the chapel note, we are trusting God to bring a couple to join our staff this fall. Right now, we are in the process of seeing if there is enough interest in giving to this couple’s support to bring them on and we are encouraged to see the interest thus far. Those of us who had been giving to the chapel know about this possibility and by far, the majority have expressed interest in continuing their giving to go towards this couple’s support. We would love to be able to introduce them to you at our October Praise Banquet!

Thanks for your faithfulness in giving…and now trusting God with us in this new adventure! Stay tuned!!